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Unique in the area, we are privileged to offer world-renowned Cecchetti Classical Ballet training. More information is below.

Cecchetti Classical Ballet training

Cecchetti Classical Ballet is a prestigious syllabus-based programme with a unique heritage. It was founded by Enrico Cecchetti (1850-1928), a famous Italian dancer and, later, teacher. He was the Ballet Master for the legendary Ballets Russes, and coached all the ballet stars of his day, including Pavlova, Nijinsky, and Ninette de Valois, who founded the Royal Ballet. Cecchetti created a vast collection of work, the study of which can greatly enhance the technique and artistry of any dancer, and the imprint of his work is found in all subsequent training methods. The Cecchetti material was arranged into a system of graded exams for children which are accredited by the ISTD. Adults are also welcome to train for these exams.

“Maestro Cecchetti left a great imprint…his teaching will remain a part of our English Ballet” Dame Ninette de Valois, founder of the Royal Ballet and the Royal Ballet School


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After a trial session, students will be enrolled and you will receive an invoice, which can be paid by card or BACs. Thereafter invoices are sent every half term.

Your child has booked a space in the class so all sessions in that booking period need to be paid for, even if your child can’t make it on occasions.

45 minutes for younger students; 60 minutes from about age 9-10; 90 minutes for seniors and vocational students.

Children’s classes are at St John’s Church, Ashbrooke Road, Ashbrooke, Sunderland, SR2 7HQ.

Yes, there is a car park at the front of the church and off-street parking beyond.

Parents stay in the class with pre-school children. From reception onwards parents usually leave the children in the class (once settled) but stay on site or nearby. Once children are approximately 6 or 7 years old parents don’t usually stay, however there are regular opportunities to watch class and view progress throughout the year.

Yes, for reception-aged children and above (not for pre-schoolers). You can order it at

Uniform can be bought or ordered from us in our regular pop up shop, or ordered online at

Soft ballet shoes with elastics in leather or canvass are best. The dressy-up version available at supermarkets are OK for pre-school classes but from age 5 they should have proper ballet shoes. They do not need ribbons. Hard shoes (pointe shoes) are only worn by advanced dancers.

Yes, but these are not compulsory. However, most children enjoy the occasion.

No, we try to nurture and encourage all dancers, and find competitions reward the same people again and again. We also recognise the time commitment and expense for parents that is involved with competitions.

Yes, there are regular performance opportunities at all levels. Pre-schoolers have an end of year ‘graduation’. From age 5 children can take part in our bi-annual theatre production, and also do class-specific displays for parents in between.

We offer Cecchetti Classical Ballet, alongside bespoke non-syllabus work devised to meet the needs of every student.

Pointework requires enormous strength and years of training to be done safely, and even then, it is not physically suitable for everyone. Students are given advice about pointework when they are approaching the higher grades/teenage years.

We will work with you to make sure the experience is a positive one for your child. Please provide as much information as possible about your child’s needs.

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