Who Are We?

Who are Sunderland Ballet

At Sunderland Ballet we believe in opportunities for all. We have classes for everyone from pre-school children to retired adults; from those with professional aspirations to those who just love to dance; from community groups to vocational students and beyond. Ballet is our thing and we want to get as many people involved as possible!

We became a Community Interest Company in 2022, having grown out of Director Emily Wallace’s teaching practice. The CIC’s aims are: to widen participation in ballet in Sunderland; to provide a quality dance education for all in Sunderland; to improve local lives and wellness through dance; to develop an audience for ballet and dance in Sunderland; and to contribute to the local cultural landscape at both a community and professional level.

Our Core Values

Sunderland Ballet CIC is committed to:

Our Mission

A community interest company where dance is for everybody. We are committed to widening access to ballet in Sunderland, and improving lives through dance.

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